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Case File #01: Page 04
Case File #01: Page 04

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Himitsu Keisatsu - Secret Police

~Himitsu Keisatsu/Secret Police~ A fan manga based on Hatsune Miku's 秘密警察 "Himitsu Keisatsu"/"Secret Police". Aaaand. WARNING: NO PLOTLINE (wait, I think there is LOL), lame jokes, weirdness, complete randomness, NO GORE ONLY BLOOD SPLATTERS >:D, totally idiotic, i don't know Japanese but there will be Japanese characters here, the author is not good at crime stories so this may become an epic fail Now if this didn't intimidate or turn you off from reading this random manga, then continue reading below. XD ===== The Secret Police is obviously a group of secret policemen LOL. Sent by Japan's government, their mission is to annihilate all the bad guys planning to take over their state. Consider them as Vocaloid's version of Powerpuff Girls - they don't have supernatural powers, but they do have kick ass guns! >:D NOTE: This is fictional, so this doesn't have anything to do with Japan's real government and people! Besides, I don't know anything about their government as of now. XD ===== UPDATE: whenever I want. so it could be every day (LOL impossible) down to once per month XD ASA KARA BAN MADE OMAE WO MIRU! LET'S GET IT ON! XD


Himitsu Keisatsu is Still Alive!

Everyone! Every fan, reader and visitor of the site, Himitsu Keisatsu is still alive! Yes... It's been three months. OTL. But never will I abandon the manga... It's my pacifier when I'm getting fed up by the plot development of my other Vocaloid fan manga... But this comic still exists, and is subject to update... So hang in there guys! I'll be back anytime soon... February... or March. Page 5 will come!

posted by Kairin Touzen @ February 7th, 2012, 9:22 pm  -  0 comments

Late Greetings!

Hello there guys .. TwT It's been one month since the last update! AKSJAJSLKDA! Damn... haha... I need to get over my laziness LOL. Soon... real soon I'll be back...

Anyways, Merry Christmas to everyone even though it's late... Then Advanced Happy New Year as well ^.^

Here's my Christmas artwork for all of you!

I've been busy with other concept arts that I have... since it's pretty rare for me to smash my Creativity Block! So I'm spending all my vacation to learn more about visual arts but I'll be working on the manga in no time :)

posted by Kairin Touzen @ December 26th, 2011, 11:18 pm  -  0 comments

Only if I could screw homework!!!

I haven't updated lately, AGAIN (how many times have I done this to the previous webcomics that I made? OTL). Well of course, my schedule is always bad haha. Though I did say in the webcomic description that I update only when I want, of course that doesn't mean I won't update as often as I could! XD Hopefully I'll get hold of myself this time! I'm expecting that I would have around 6 more updates before the end of December... so I guess I could say that everything is just gonna be a little delayed... Next update would probably be in between the second and third week of December. ^^

posted by Kairin Touzen @ November 30th, 2011, 11:47 pm  -  0 comments

Himitsu Keisatsu - Secret Police Will Be Out on November 7, 2011

Hello to all visitors of the site! Since I've begun writing and drawing (finally I had began! OTL) the manga, I set the release date to be November 7th (a day before the resume of classes after our semestral break). So I will be posting three (3) new pages on that day - Secret Police's cover page, chapter one's filler, and the manga's very first page. It's more of a bonus for the official launch XDD So see you then! XD

posted by Kairin Touzen @ October 28th, 2011, 11:09 pm  -  0 comments

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